Enterprise Solution

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  • What Enterprises Know
  •         How much money is spent on energy, water, waste, lease etc.
  • What Enterprises don’t know
  •         Specific Usage trends that drive their costs
  • Reason
  •         Researching these trends and prioritizing where to implement
            changes is a big and under-resourced job
  • Result
  •         Businesses overpay for inefficiently deployed resources
  • Green Cosmos is your partner
  •         In Locating and Ending these inefficiencies
            Enabling you to see More, Save More and Sustain More

Grid Management Solution

Image 1 RealNatics Helps Utility Cos Manage 1 million messages/hour;Failing transformers; Unbalanced energy generation;Imprecise Forecasts; Operational Inefficiencies;Energy Theft
Image 2 Renewable Energy Integration Analyze reliability of PV load; Correlate PV power generation potential with weather conditions; View PV loads separately for residential & Commercial customers; Segment PV production by territory, substation, feeder etc.
Image 3 EVs on Grid Detect EVs on the grid;View EV load separately from residential and commercial customers; Segment EV load by territory, feeder, substation etc.; Optimize the load of energy resources based on availability of solar energy
Image 4 To Remain Profitable- RealNatics Helps Utilities have-
An Engaged – Profitable – Relationship with Energy Consumers

Our Customers & Partners

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