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   Green Cosmos is a Big Data Energy Analytics Company with an in-depth expertise in renewable energy integration. Along with providing energy savings by real-time energy monitoring , visualization, analysis and demand management,


 Green Cosmos offers renewable energy integration decisions by providing Consulting services :

  • Bottled biogas (97% Methane as a transport fuel).
  • Power Generation from Biomass.
  • Harnessing Solar energy for microgrids.
  • Solar Biomass hybrid plant.
  • Catalytic Conversion Technology for generating Hydrocarbons (Diesel, Gasoline) from Carbohydrates (Biomass waste)
  • Green Cosmos, finalist in two separate categories. Most
    Social Impact and Best HANA native application.

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    Image 1 Green Cosmos Energy Solutions Completes Pilot Project at Manipal Hospital Goa Campus and wins customer confidence and Accolades
    "We are pleased to acknowledge the pilot project ;Real-time energy analytics solution on cloud, RealNatics";
    "RealNatics"; from Green Cosmos provided us with a simple yet powerful tool for combining data from multiple sources, visualize it, analyze trends and share insights via an easy-to-use interactive dashboard. It maximizes our facility energy management by combining big-picture insights with granular details RealNatics" enables individual facility managers, teams, senior administration and even entire organization an engaging and informative way to explore energy data and take corrective action on time"

    Narsingarao MRICS
    Corp. Head ; Engineering & Maintenance
    Manipal Health Enterprises Pvt Ltd
    Image 2 Sarita Mishra rescued me when I had an impossible business planning deadline which she succeeded in meeting. Her diligence, professionalism and positive attitude are extraordinary. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. Any business person would be well advised to retain her services if they are lucky enough to have that opportunity.

    Andrew Jon Thomson.
    Founder Director, Natural-Inventions LLC,
    Image 3 Solar Thermal Technology Assessment : A Techno-Commercial Analysis of Micro Solar Thermal Power Generation Systems
    "Provided a comprehensive report with good analysis and made;solid effort to cover the broad scope of requirements....;experienced and professional engineer and a skilled business mentor."
    Andrew Mears,
    majorityworld technology

    Awards & Recognitions

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