How can Utility Companies leverage Smart Metering Big

Data and turn Smart Meter Challenges to Opportunity?

  The major challenge in Smart metering is the collection and analysis of data in the tune of 1.9 Terabyte/user/year. But, this also presents the biggest opportunity that lies in the analysis of smart meter data to generate actionable insights for competitive advantage.

Smart Grid Technology Coupled with Powerful Analytics

and Visualization Software: Importance and Relevance


  The smart grid is sure to bring the kind of transformation that internet has brought to our lives, it is sure to change the way we live, work and play.

Mission Possible  : Every Home in India would run at

least one light bulb by 2019. How Enterprises Can Help

Government Achieve this Goal?

  The new government under Narendra Modi’s leadership aims to enable every home in India to run at least one light bulb by 2019. 400 million people in India still do not have access to electricity. Making power available to a population of 1.2 billion is definitely a mammoth task; an energy-revolution could be the only answer. Apart from looking at newer methods and resources to generate power, we must look at efficiently managing our current energy consumption.

  According to Central Electricity Authority India, the total energy requirement is 1,048,672 Million Units while the availability at the maximum (including operational and anticipated) is 995,157 MU, resulting in a deficit of 53,515 MU.

  The primary source of energy generation in India is fossil fuels, coal contributing 55% to the total generation and gas and diesel contributing 10%. Coal imports are set to reach 220-240 million tons in the next financial year 2015-2016, while India still remains an energy-deprived nation.

Energy Analytics & Visualization Software-As-A-Service

Solution For Hospitals:

  Why Should Hospital Chains Opt for “RealNatics” a Cloud based Energy Analytics & Visualization Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution to optimize energy use? Energy is a Complex issue for hospitals.

  • Biodiesel
  • Realnatics Improves Hospital’s energy usage without incurring CapEx expenses
  • Maintains patients’ comfort at all times
  • Reduces hospital’s carbon footprint
  • Improves general BMS operations and reliability by remotely detecting and fixing leakage faults.